NUMSA supports auto workers’ strike in the US

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Labour union NUMSA says it supports the strike by United Auto Workers (UAW) in America as they demand a 40% wage increase over four years.
The automakers have offered up to 20%.
UAW launched simultaneous strikes at three factories owned by General Motors, Ford Motor and Chrysler parent Stellantis on Friday, kicking off the most ambitious US industrial labour action in decades.
The action caps weeks of clashes between the union and Detroit Three executives over demands for a bigger share of profits generated by combustion trucks, and stronger job security as automakers shift to electric vehicles.
NUMSA via a statement says, “Workers are the creators of wealth and the CEOs and the executives of the auto industry in America have become extremely wealthy as a result of the labour of workers.”
The walkouts at the Detroit Three will halt production of the Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler and Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck, along with other popular models, though the action was smaller than some expected, with roughly 12 700 workers striking at the outset. – additional reporting by Reuters