Members of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa ( Numsa ) are on strike, to force their employer, Reagetswe Mining Services, which is contracted to Impala Platinum mine at Rustenburg in the North West, to recognise their union.

Reagetswe Mining Services, has allegedly refused to deduct union affiliation fees and pay them to Numsa, as per the wish of the majority of the employees.

The striking workers are also accusing the company of dismissing their elected interim committee members.

“Our demands are section 21 recognition of Numsa, salary adjustment, medical aid, living-out allowance,” says Numsa’s Workers’ Representative, Hendrick Mokgethi.

Workers are also complaining about the low wages, and non-provision of medical aid, which they say, compounds issues.

“We came here to make money, so we can support our families. Some of us cannot even visit our families back home, because our salaries are too low,” says a disgruntled employee.

“We want the reinstatement of interim committee members and for member contributions to be deducted for Numsa. As we speak, we have taken Reagetswe to the high court. We want to hear the view of the court, because workers have to join a union of their choice, without any intimidation,” says Numsa Organiser in Rustenburg, Malibongwe Mdazo.

Meanwhile, Amcu Secretary-General  in Rustenburg, Phuthuma Manyathi, has disputed reports that they have failed the workers.

“We are servicing all members equally because we all contribute 1%t to the organisation. We’re servicing them to the best of our ability. Of course, primary employees will not be the same as contractors, not because of our failure, but the structure in itself of the contractor modelling is the one that is creating that difference. But, we are fighting very hard.”

Reagetswe Mining Services refused to comment, saying the matter is in court.

Meanwhile, Impala Platinum mine, says although it takes the matter seriously, it has to be resolved by Reagetswe Mining Services and its employees.