No justification for Jordanian air strikes on its territory: Syria

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The Syrian foreign ministry said on Tuesday that there was “no justification” for Jordanian air strikes, which caused civilian casualties of women and children on its territory.

Jordan has stepped up a campaign against drug dealers in recent weeks after clashes last month with dozens of people suspected of links to pro-Iranian militias carrying large hauls of narcotics over its border with Syria, along with weapons and explosives.

Suspected Jordanian air strikes on southern Syria killed 10 people, including children, early on Thursday, according to local Syrian media and monitors tracking the conflict.

There was no immediate comment from the Jordanian authorities.

“The escalation that we have witnessed in the past few months is not at all consistent with what was agreed upon from both sides regarding sincere cooperation to combat all violations, including criminal gangs for drug smuggling and trafficking,” the foreign ministry added.