No hard feelings from Buthelezi’s children for his time serving the country

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The son of the late Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Prince Zuzifa Buthelezi says they hold no grudge against their father for spending most of his time serving the country.

Speaking during the memorial service earlier in Ulundi, an emotional Zuzifa Buthelezi said they understood their father’s calling.

Prince Zuzifa says if the family demanded most of Buthelezi’s time, they could have robbed the country of a great leader.

“My family and I know all too well how much UMtwana gave to the IFP, we know the countless days and nights when he was away from home serving the course of freedom, justice and stability for South Africa. We could never begrudge him this time away from us it was clear that he was fulfilling the God given duty. Had we demanded more of his time, we would have robbed South Africa of the truest champion.”

The Prince also applauded his father for loving his wife, Princess Irene wholeheartedly.

“As much as we sacrificed to lend our father to the nation he was exceptional father, he loved our mother Princess Thandekile with an unfailing love and he made sure that all of us as his children achieved what we needed to. You know you can be the biggest thing in the world but if you are a failure as a father and a husband, you must know that all else means nothing, people can love you and lift you up but if you are failure at home, it is a nonstarter.”

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