New king ushers in era of hope for Bakgatla ba Mosetlha

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Residents of Makapanstad in North West are optimistic that the newly installed king will prioritise the needs and most deserved services for the community.

King Nchaupe Makapan III has been coronated as the Bakgatla ba Mosetlha leader after being placed on probation since 2015.

He has been presented with a leopard skin, spear and shield to arm him with power and knowledge to lead the tribe that comprises of about 30 villages with a population of one million people.

Some of the residents attending the coronation at the Bakgatla ba Mosetlha kraal at Makapanstad had this to say about their new king.

“We want services from the king. We want clean water every day. We want roads and they must be fixed.  Schools also. We want jobs for the youth and for our children.”

Another resident says, “In terms of service delivery he was put in that chair for a reason. We cannot argue with him. Let’s give him a chance before we make any assumptions.”