Nelson Mandela Bay election vote count completed DA, ANC expected to occupy 48 seats each

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The election results for the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro in the Eastern Cape have been finalised.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has garnered 39.92% of the vote and the African National Congress (ANC) has managed 39.43%, according to data from the Electoral Commission(IEC).

Each of the parties is expected to occupy 48 seats in the 120-seat council. The DA has lost nine seats and the ANC two seats compared to their allocation after the 2016 elections.

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has increased its support in the metro and will occupy eight seats with 6.4%  of the vote. 12 parties will be represented in council.

Newcomers, the Northern Alliance will occupy three seats, the Freedom Front Plus, African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), Defenders of the People and the Patriotic Alliance will each have two seats while the Good party, United Democratic Movement (UDM), African Independent Congress (AIC), and Abantu Integrity Movement (AIM) each will have one seat each.

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