Nehawu to go on protest next month as tensions over PPEs continue to simmer

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Union, Nehawu, says it has requested its members to apply for a day’s leave as a form of protest on August 21.

The union was briefing the media in Johannesburg – on the outcomes of a fact finding mission on government’s state of readiness to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

It has accused government of not ensuring adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) supplies are delivered to healthcare facilities amid the pandemic.

Nehawu General-Secretary, Zola Saphetha, has threatened that their members will down tools completely – should their demands, not be met by September 10.

“On the 21st August we will implement a day’s leave, all members on this day will flock to the offices of their employer and apply for a day leave. So on the 3rd September, it will be a national day of action when their memorandum will be handed over to the President’s office, Parliament, and all premiers offices in nine provinces. And we are going to give government five days to respond. Failure to do so on the 10th September, our members will have to withdraw completely from their labour,” he says.

In the video below, Nehawu announces mass protest for August 21:

Nehawu has also questioned the accuracy of COVID-19 stats that are released by the Health Department, particularly on health workers.

The country’s confirmed cases has topped 450 000 with the death toll exceeding 7 000. But the union is sceptical of some of the data.

Nehawu’s Zola Sephatha gave an example of the KZN stats relating to Health workers.

He says: “The Premier had announced two days ago and he said 16 had succumbed to this virus. But KZN days zero here in the DPSA information. DPSA represents all government departments. So why must we believe this. So the statistics recorded and announced on daily basis are not accurate.”

Below are South Africa’s latest health statistics: