Nehawu stages picket outside DTIC offices

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Members of the National Education Health and Allied Workers Union (Nehawu) have embarked on a demonstration outside the offices of the Department of Trade Industries and Competition (DTIC) in Pretoria.

The Nehawu members are calling for overtime to be implemented as per the DTIC policy. They want the employer to also amongst others fill vacant positions and for resolution 1 of 2012 on wages.

Nehawu members hand over a memorandum of grievances to Minister Ebrahim Patel, calling for the department to be corporatised and for a director-general to be appointed.

Nehawu Branch Chairperson in Tshwane Kenneth Bosoma says, “This picket is a continuation and a buildup of a lot of frustrations we’ve been engaging with management that has been doing this in bad faith. We are sitting in 2023 with resolution 1 of 2012 and resolution 1 of 2009 still not fully implemented. We are working day and night without recognition, they are not respecting the rules of the game because people are not paid the same, working day and night without recognition, pushing people to work day and night and on weekends without approval.”

Video: Nehawu stages a picket outside DTIC offices