Motorist are urged to refrain from drinking and driving to reduce road fatalities

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Deputy Transport Minister, Sindisiwe Chikunga, has warned motorists to be extra vigilant on the roads this festive season. Chikunga was speaking during a roadblock at Dzindi outside Thohoyandou in Limpopo.

This was an extension of the national festive season road safety campaign launched in Gauteng last week.

Scores of vehicles were stopped and several unroadworthy vehicles were impounded at Dzindi outside Thohoyandou in Limpopo. Some motorists were given hefty fines for various traffic offences and for using false vehicle registrations.

Chikunga urged motorists to be vigilant on the road.  Chikunga says most of the fatal crashes on South African roads are caused by human factors such as reckless driving, speed, and drunk driving.

Warning for motorists during festive period:

Chikunga also warned law enforcement officers against taking bribes from motorists.

“Its truth is not what we are thumb sucking if you ask any South African who have you bribed they will say traffic officers we catch them,  it’s for traffic officers not to be ready to take bribes but we are arresting them sometimes you arrest them for fifty rand bribe that you observe them getting and probably the person is ready to testify in court and they lose their jobs.

Chikunga also urged young people to refrain from drink and driving

“Young people black young boys are the ones that are dying on the roads according to our statistics majority of them are from tertiary they can and can buy a car and the majority of them die in the early hours of Sunday and Friday because they have been partying the whole night and they get into a car drunk,” she said.

Chikunga urged young people to be more vigilant this festive season.

“We see a lot of traffic officer searching and asking for details, as motorists we are grateful for that. They also checked me thoroughly and everything is in order. They are all over and it’s good because it will reduce accidents,” said Chikunga.

The department says it will intensify roadblocks across the country to reduce fatalities during the festive season.