Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa has called on all Africans to be tolerant and show the world that they can live together peacefully.

He says everybody should denounce xenophobia as it divides the continent. Mthethwa spoke at a carnival in Durban to launch Africa month.

Africans from all over the continent celebrated with music and dance. Traditional attire brightened up to celebrate Africa Carnival and festival event with the theme “Stand up against xenophobia”.

“Today is a really good sign about how people should live together … African culture is the same.”

“We are proudly Africans we use our hands to make this attire,” says one participant.

The audience was treated to the sounds of traditional music from different countries.

“I am happy to see all Africans celebrating this day.” “We are very impressed with this kind of event here in Durban.”

People were called on to reflect on the need for a united Africa – one of the reasons for the formation of the Organisation of African Unity.

Minister Mthethwa says, “We are reminding each other that we are Africans. We are one people. There is no need to be intolerant against one another, because in the final analysis Africa has to show the world its wellness as the forbears.”

There were also calls for Africans to support one another.