Metrobus employees affiliated to labour union Democratic Municipal and Allied Workers Union (DEMAWUSA) have not reported for duty on Monday morning.

This despite Metrobus obtaining a court interdict against the strike after the union’s five day stay away.

According to the company, the judge interdicted the strike, but the union says that is not how they read the judgement.

DEMAWUSA employees are striking over salary progression issues. The union also wants to be given office space and resources in all three Metrobus depots in Johannesburg.

DEMAWUSA spokesperson Dion Makhura says they will forge ahead with their strike action until their demands are met.

“The ones belonging to DEMAWUSA are still on strike, but I do not know how many buses will be out this morning I only saw two buses at Ghandi Square.”

“The demand is still the issue of salary progression – to say that people have to be paid in terms of the number of years they have been with the employer. We are saying that we will continue with that demand. What we agreed on Friday is that the strike continues and that is what we know.”