Men implored to circumcise amid increase in STIs

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Senior Technical Specialist for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision at Right to Care, Dr Nelson Igaba has called on men who are not circumcised to visit Right to Care facility and get the once -off permanent procedure that would benefit them by reducing the chances of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Igaba says medical circumcision, when done correctly by a trained practitioner, prevents the transmission of HIV by 60 percent from a female HIV-infected to a male through sexual intercourse.

He says other benefits of male circumcision include prevention of STIs, especially those that cause wounds.

“So, we have this medical male circumcision. It’s a once-off procedure. It’s a permanent procedure. But it brings multiple benefits to men. So, that’s why at Right to Care, we support the National Department of Health with medical male circumcision across the country through the funding of American money to ensure that we prevent, we reduce, the new HIV infection within the country.”

Igaba says more than 75 percent of females who get STIs do not show symptoms. He says routine screening of STIs is recommended for both males and females.

“Let’s talk about circumcision. Come, call this number, 082 -808 -6152. You will be booked within the nearest facility, there is no pain, it heals within a very short time too. We would like you to consistently and correctly use the column, be it female or male, so that you get protected. The other, please change your behaviour. Multiple sexual partners predispose you to high risk of having STIs.”

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