Men urged to take responsibility for their sexual health

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The Gauteng Health Department has appealed to men to assume greater responsibility for their sexual health following the treatment of over 65 000 men in the province for Male Urethritis Syndrome between April and December last year.

The department’s Nichola Lutchman says risky sexual behaviour contributes to higher rates of sexually transmitted and HIV infections.

Lutchman says, “Our whole intention is to reduce HIV incidents amongst our youth, that is your 15 to 24-year-olds. And we’re doing, I think, a fantastic job as a country and as Gauteng in reducing this. So what it is saying is more females in general for any health care services generally access these facilities.”

She adds: “So they would take more control of their health, they know they want to be protected and what Gauteng Health is actually saying is, we also want men to come through and take responsibility, be safe. Please let us get on prep, let us utilize condoms, and let us know our HIV status.”

Dissecting real issues facing men: