South Africa will soon have “The Thabo Mbeki Presidential Library”, to be built in Killarney, Johannesburg next year.

Former President Thabo Mbeki says the main motive behind this initiative to preserve the history of the African continent during and after the days of colonialism.

He says young people in particular will benefit from the library as it will provide them with all the important information about Africa.

Mbeki held a fundraising dinner on Saturday, seeking to sell the idea of the new library to business and fellow ambassadors who are in South Africa.

Mbeki says it is important for the youth to know about the present in order to pave a relevant path of the future of their respective countries.

“You have a big store of knowledge about our past, our present and our future, so that in particular you give the possibility for young people who not necessarily part of those experiences, to study what happened and understand why particular decisions were taken – to understand why certain decisions were not taken.”