Maskandi musicians plan to fill up Moses Mabhida stadium

Khuzani "Indlamlenze" Mpungose
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Maskandi musician Khuzani Mpungose, popularly known as Indlamlenze, says traditional musicians coming together to “#GcwalisaIMabhida” loosely translated to “Fill-Up Mabhida,” will promote unity in the industry. Khuzani was addressing the media in Durban where he revealed the line-up of artists who will be part of the event on the 30 March in Durban. It is a first of its kind for the Maskandi industry.

Traditional music lovers and members of the community are waiting to see if popular Maskandi musician . Mpungose’s dream will be fulfilled as he wants to fill-up the Moses Mabhida stadium. The line-up of some of the artists has been announced. Senior musicians such as Ihhashi Elimhlophe, Phuzekhemisi, Mfiliseni Magubane, Imithente and Izingane Zoma are among the artists that will perform.

Mpungose says the purpose behind the event is to promote unity and strength of traditional musicians.

“We are giving a respect to our late legends who were there to find the Maskandi genre, so by doing it together we are promoting unity to Maskandi and we are promoting social cohesion and Maskandi will be there and unanimously say ‘Fill-Up Moses Mabhida Stadium’.”

Khuzani also believes that the event will promote self-confidence for musicians to create job opportunities for themselves.

“We are showing the community the strength of unity because when we fight each other as artists, we are sending a bad message to our followers that they must fight. But when we promote unity, the community will remain united and love each other. If I say this thing is about Maskandi, I am sending a message to the people of South Africa to remain united as it is a very important thing.”

Leaders of Maskhandi groups, Imithente and Izingane Zoma respectively, Dumisile Manana and Thandoluni Phungula, expressed their gratitude for the opportunity.

“We selling double platinum but we are poor and we still struggling. The role you have played is amazing and I can now buy a small vehicle to take me from point A to B and we thank Khuzani for the initiative he has taken,” Manana said.