Mashatile calls for party to unite and rebuild

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ANC National Executive Committee deployee to Limpopo, Thoko Didiza, has called on provincial conference delegates to refrain from only focusing on the election of the leadership, but to also consider policy and other conference discussions.

She’s among the ANC NEC members  deployed to oversee the 10th Limpopo Provincial Elective Conference at the Ranch Hotel in Polokwane. Didiza briefed the media following delays in the start of the provincial conference.

“This province takes place at a time at which we will be having our national policy conference. So most of the time will be spent in looking at the organizational report, which really talks to the four years of the PEC. It will also discuss the issue of policy document, in preparation for the policy conference, well lastly it will then elect the leadership.”

Meanwhile ANC Treasurer General Paul Mashatile, who opened up the conference, has told the party’s provincial conference that the task to “unite, renew and rebuild” the ANC can’t be postponed anymore.

He says the National elective conference in 2017 gave party members a mandate of making sure that the ANC was united at all costs. Mashatile has told delegates they should make sure that the unity of the ANC is implemented through maximum discipline and application of principle. Mashatile says unity will be realised if party members unite.

“Comrades the kind of unity we are pursuing must be based on principles. It must not be unity at its own sake, must be unity in action towards a common end. We know that the path to renewal and unity will not be easy, there will be temporary setbacks, there will be push backs from some quarters, but we must soldier on, we must not give up.”

The conference will continue until Sunday.