Some families who lost loved ones in the week leading up to the Marikana massacre say government has forgotten and sidelined them.

They made the remarks at a rally jointly organised by Cosatu and the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) in Marikana in the North West.

A sister to the slain police officer Tsietsi Monene, Lizzy Monene, says they must also be compensated.

“People have been compensated, but the 10 families have not yet received even a single cent. We don’t have any closure. We don’t know what’s gonna happen the next moment. The children of the deceased are asking questions that we don’t have any answers to. People have their monies. They have been compensated, not the 10 forgotten families.”

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Meanwhile, the NUM says they are shocked to receive information that one of their female members has been beheaded in an informal settlement in Marikana. The union says a number of its female members have been killed in the area.

NUM President Joseph Montisetse says they are still trying to get hold of the family of the victim in the latest incident.

“There is a person called Malewa who called the chairperson of the region. We got shocked when we heard that news. The chairperson of the region called and told me the story hence we go out about this story. However, yesterday we called up Malewa. I was with the chairperson to get information from him to give us the details of the family of that female but he was not able to give us such information.”