Manufacturing output declines by 5.2% in February: Stats SA

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South Africa continues to see a decline in manufacturing output. It decreased by 5.2% year on year in February 2023.

Statistics South Africa released the manufacturing production data for the month of February this afternoon.

The decrease has been attributed to food, beverages, metals and machinery.

Officials say the manufacturing industry continues to face domestic headwinds in the forms of rolling blackouts, deteriorating infrastructure and the slow global economic growth.

“South African manufacturing recorded its fourth consecutive month of year-on-year decline, falling by 5,2% in February 2023. Eight of the ten manufacturing divisions recorded a decline in activity, led by decreases in food and beverages and metals and machinery. The two manufacturing that saw a rise were communications and professional machinery and the automotive division recording a 1% year on year rising activity,” says Director of Industry Statistics at Stats SA Nicolai Claassen.