Makhanda Municipality set to enhance water supply to prevent shedding

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The Amathole Water Board says the water provision in Makhanda, Eastern Cape, is set to be increased soon. The town has been beset by water supply problems for a decade now.

Currently, residents are subjected to water shedding as the only operational water treatment works at the only produce half of the town’s 18 megalitre requirement per day.

The increased water supply is due to come from the James Kleynhans treatment works that are undergoing an upgrade.

Last month residents took to the streets about the dire water situation they are stuck with.

The water supply problems are because of the slow pace of the treatment works to upgrade and broken pumps.

The Amathole Water Board has been part of the team to assist the municipality to solve its water supply issues.
And relief is around the corner.

Interim Board Chairperson Pam Yako says, “The next couple of weeks are critical for us, we got here on the side of dealing with the crisis on the first of June already, in that time we have seen some changes and some improvements. Ideally, we would not want to be here we are starting to see less rationing within the next 10 days we will significant changes.”

The promise of an improvement in the water supply is welcomed all around.

Local businessman, Khwalo Mamnkeli says “As a business sector it gave us some comfort because it was difficult to live without water because it’s hammering the business.”

Makana Local municipality Executive Mayor, Yandiswa Vara says,  “As communities of Makana let’s hang in there and l know to them this report it’s like another report they have received before but this time it is different. We have the board of Amatola engaging with the communities we have never heard that before.”

The municipality maintains its call on communities to use water sparingly and report leaks.