DA leader Mmusi Maimane says the upcoming elections are about fighting for outsiders to be on the inside. He says there are too many unemployed citizens who need to get work.

Addressing a DA rally on Workers’ Day, the DA leader lamented the rate of unemployment in the country. He says Workers Day is a public holiday, but many South Africans are on a public holiday every day because they have no jobs.

“This election is about a choice. It’s a choice between corruption or the future of this country. It’s a coice between the protection of those who are on the inside or making sure those on the outside know there is a future for them where they can find a job. It’s a choice whether we want a captured police service or an honest and professional police service. It’s a choice whether we want to be divided on the basis of race or we want to build one South Africa for all.”

Maimane also highlighted successes in the DA-run Western Cape government. He says they want more powers in the province to take control of the police, energy generation and the train service. They also want a focus on job creation.

DA Western Cape Premier candidate, Alan Winde, says that the private sector creates jobs while the government fails to do so.

“Governments doesn’t create jobs, the private sector does. Entrepreneurs create jobs. People who are skilled up in our education system and go on to into jobs and open the own businesses and those are the people who create jobs. We will continue to cut red tape. We will continue to provide infrastructure into the system. We will ramp up job opportunities for young people.”

Maimane has also taken a swipe at President Cyril Ramaphosa saying he’s always shocked at the challenges in the country. He says his biggest shock will be being voted out on 8 May.