Mahlobo to face committee for misleading Parly

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Former State Security Minister David Mahlobo is not off the hook and could face an inquiry.

Parliament’s Powers and Privileges Committee still has to decide on what procedure should be followed to process his case. The committee met to decide on which transgressions should be pursued or to be withdrawn against various MPs. Mahlobo was referred to the committee after he allegedly misled the National Assembly about his relationship with Fees Must Fall Activist Mcebo Dlamini.

In November 2016 Mahlobo told the House that Dlamini never visited his house. This was a different version he gave to the media that Dlamini visited his house. The ANC’s Juli Killian and Annelie Lotriet from the DA explained why Mahlobo’s case cannot be removed from the list of cases.

Killian says, “Our suggestion as the ANC study group would be that we felt that the matter would have to be considered in terms of the schedule, you know the rules, and how these matters are investigated. We can’t just take it off the list as we have done with the other matters.”

Mashile asks,”Is there any support or a counter to that, honourable Lotriet?”

Lotriet replies, ” Chairperson I do support that, because I think this is a matter that falls squarely within the ambit of the Powers and Privileges Committee. And as it is last year its in the past. I think it’s recent enough that we can look at the process and see how we can proceed with the matter.”