Liquor Traders want government to lift ban on alcohol for at-home consumption

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The Liquor Traders Formation (LTF) has called on the government to permit the sale of alcohol for at-home consumption, subject to limitations, from 16 January.

The LTF says this will further support government efforts to stem the spread of the coronavirus as it will encourage the consumption of liquor at home whilst ensuring the livelihoods of liquor traders.

The LTF also calls for the government to consider a moratorium on licence renewals and linked fee increases for a period of not less than one year and that a financial package be offered to all liquor traders to cover their non-trading losses to the value of not less than R20 000.

Under the adjusted Alert Level-3 lockdown the sale, distribution and transportation of alcohol have been banned until 15 January when the regulations will be reviewed.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announces Level-3 lockdown regulations: 

The LTF says the ban affects more than one million employees in the industry and more than 250 000 families.

The Beer Association of South Africa has also highlighted the negative effect of the ban on the sale of alcohol:

The National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) is set to meet on Wednesday amid a rapid increase in infections and COVID19-related deaths fuelled by a new variant of the virus.

The meeting will seek to come up with a concrete plan on how the government will further intensify the fight against COVID-19. -Reporting by Nandika Beukes