Limpopo Department of Education ready to administer matric final exams

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With just almost a week left before matric learners sit for their final exams, Limpopo’s Department of Education says it’s ready to administer the 2022 matric exams. The province achieved a 66.7% pass rate for the class of 2021, a 1.5% decline from 2020.

However, this year provincial education authorities say that they are aiming for an 80% provincial pass rate.

Among the reasons the province gave for having the lowest pass rate in the country, is the dismal performance of the Sekhukhune region. The region had a 57% pass average in the last matric exams.

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Some matric learners at Dikwanyane High School in Diphiring village outside Ohrigstad say they are battling with the nightlife and that there are many taverns.

“Monday to Friday I focus on my books then Saturday and Sunday I’m going to the tavern and drink. We normally go to taverns and sometimes we go to the ground and others go to do their personal stuff during weekends.” said one learner.

Another one added that “At home, my parents are very strict they don’t allow me to roam the streets, besides I also need to work hard and pass my matric to change the situation at home.”

Meanwhile, Limpopo’s Education MEC Mavhungu Lerule-Ramakhanya says they have matric camps for the matric learners as a way of curbing distractions and improving the results.

“What we have done since the winter holidays we have put up camps that were able to work around the clock with all our grade twelve learners in the province but specifically in Sekhukhune there were extra camps that we put as you know about seven hundred kids have just returned from one of the camps so they can also focus on key subjects that the learners are behind on,” says Lerule-Ramakhanya.

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