‘Lack of urgency in addressing issues of people living with albinism’

People living with albinism
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Organisations that campaign for the rights of people living with albinism say there’s a lack of urgency from government in addressing their issues.

They marched to the Union Building demanding a response to a memorandum they handed-over last June.

Some of the issues they want the government to address is the killing of people living with albinism, lack of special grants and job opportunities.

Spokesperson for the Tassie organisation, Piet Lengwabala says: “We are here doing a sit-in for people with albinism because of a memorandum that we delivered 30 June 2018 and the government promised to respond to us in 30 days.”

“Then again they said they will give us a response in 7 days but to this day there has been no response.”

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