Head of Education in KwaZulu-Natal, Dr Enock Nzama has refuted claims saying there have been irregularities on sanitary towels supply in the province.

Last week, members of the National Teachers Union (Natu) claimed that the provincial government inflated prices of the towels from R20 million to R109 million.

“R20 million was only meant for a pilot of about 520000 learners who started the project and it was only meant for four months. So now if we are to increase time from four months to a year and the number of beneficiaries, it then moved up to a value of R109 million. R20 million was not enough to provide for a year. The amount had to be increased to accommodate other learners who are in needy but who were initially not the part of the project at the beginning.”

Nzama went on to say the department has launched the investigation regarding the oversupply to some schools in the province.

He says sanitary towels will be retrieved from those schools oversupplied and be given to other needy schools.

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