‘Killing of female legal practitioners hit a nerve’

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Women lawyers’ organizations across the country will be holding night prayers in different courts later on Thursday in solidarity with victims of gender-based violence.

The South African Women’s Lawyers Association (SAWLA) president, Nomaswazi Shabangu-Mndawe, says the recent killings of a magistrate and a lawyer have raised concerns about the safety of women lawyers in the country.

Shabangu-Mndawe says the main event will be at the Constitutional Court.

“The killing of Magistrate Thamai and other lawyers in recent times has hit a nerve with women lawyers across South Africa. Her killing has caused us to reflect individually and collectively about showing support for gender-based violence victims. We as women lawyers will be having a silent prayer in all identified courts in all provinces, the main one being at the Constitutional Court at six o’clock in the evening on the 28th of September 2023.”

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