Khoisans demand dignified reburial for their forefathers

Khoisan Celebrations
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Khoisan groups want a dignified reburial for the bones of their forefathers on the West Coast.

They lambasted government on Monday for the haphazard burial of bones dug up near Clanwilliam Dam in the Cederberg Municipality.

The bones were dug up as part of plans to extend the dam’s wall.

King Dirk Louis of the Cape Koi performed a spiritual ceremony to remember those whose graves were dug up and reburied in the town.

A spiritual ceremony has been held in the area to mark Heritage Day. The event was attended by various cultural groups, members of the community and local mayor.

Khoisan Prince Abrie Hector says, “A dignified burial for those Khoisan bones was first of all a proper determination of the geology which can be quickly done with today’s technology, so that we can identify the Khoisan people and then call up one the king of the vicinity to give a dignified burial with authorities at hand.”

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