Joburg residents frustrated by load shedding

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Joburg residents have expressed frustration over load shedding. Eskom has implemented Stage 4 load shedding in the country.

Eskom says it will continue to cut power this week as it struggles with capacity shortages.

Johannesburg residents say they are struggling to deal with the situation.

“Load shedding is really affecting us because we really do not have time to study because the lights are off. We were supposed to have a test, but luckily it was postponed,” says one of the residents.

Another resident says load shedding is really bothersome.

“I’m affected because I have to iron my uniform while preparing for work. So, I had to do it in the morning, which is time-consuming with one of those tasks.”

Meanwhile, measures are in place at the Pelonomi Hospital in Bloemfontein to avoid power interruptions due to load shedding.

Pelonomi is the biggest hospital in the Free State.

The hospital’s Head of Administration, Mpotsang Nzume, says they have acquired seven new generators to deal with any load shedding that may be implemented at critical times.

Nzume, however, says the hospital has been exempted from both stages one and two load shedding.

“All seven generators are still new. They are about 12 months now. Of the seven, we’ve got four that have a capacity of 450 kilowatts and we’ve got three that have got the capacity of 350 kilowatts. Now the four that have a high capacity we have allocated them on sight where there is areas such ICU, Theatre, and Netcare, remember we are in partnership with the private net care trauma side you know those critical areas.”