City of Johannesburg to start blacklisting defaulting customers

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The City of Johannesburg has issued a warning to all defaulting residential property owners and businesses that it will soon start blacklisting them to recover debts owed. This as the city is owed up to R52 billion in rates.

It also intends to invoke its Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy by reporting defaulting payers to appropriate Credit Bureaus.

City of Johannesburg Public Relations and Media Specialist, Nkosana Lekotjolo, has called on residents to make arrangements with the municipality.

“Our offices are open for them to come and make arrangements. I mean there is a lot of people and we understand the economy. There are a lot of customers who have approached us to say,’ I have lost my job, I’m no longer able to pay R10 000, how about R5 000 or R4 000. We are able to sit down with you provided that you provide evidence to say that you are no longer getting the salary that you used to get and even businesses, we are open to that.”

Report by Zihle Mdanyana