Jobs summit not a once off solution to unemployment

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Business, labour and government have agreed that the Jobs Summit should not be a once off solution to unemployment.

They say they will work together on a number of initiatives to create jobs.

The Job Summit agreement has identified buying local, increasing exports, finance and funding in the agricultural sector as some of the key areas that can help in the creation of jobs.

The trio together with civil society and community signed the agreement on Thursday at the start of the two day summit which will end on Friday in Johannesburg.

Business has acknowledged governments attempt to restore stability and order back into the economy.

Speaking at the opening of the Jobs summit, business praised the current government’s commitments to fight poverty and trying to find solutions to reduce the high unemployment rate facing the country.

The business community is being represented by BUSA president Sipho Pityana.

He says they have pledged to work with government and labour as a collective to resolve the challenge of unemployment.

In his opening remarks he said: “You have enjoined us to search for durable solutions to the deep, structural challenge of unemployment. If we don’t solve this conundrum we will condemn many more of our compatriots to a life of poverty and the social ills that come with a yawning gap in equality.”