Internship centre assists youth to find jobs

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Any graduate can tell you about the anxiety of finding an internship. A Durban based internship centre is helping to upskill new graduates from university by bringing them into the corporate world through a 12 month paid internship.

At the centre, they teach English to students from mainly in Asia. This helps them to transition from university into the corporate world and they learn core skills such as workplace readiness.

 Youth unemployment is a global problem with no easy solution. MPC 6 is a perfect example of how the private sector participation can help ease joblessness.

Through Business Leadership’s Beyond Advocacy Fund, EOH, one of South Africa’s largest business technology services companies, has offered a helping hand to help graduates get work place readiness.

The inability of graduates to find work after years in school is discouraging. Many end up feeling like they wasted time and energy.

But those fortunate enough to find a paying internship at the center learn valuable skills and shift their mindset. MPC 6 does not only focus on workplace readiness but also helps those who prefer to work for themselves.

The South African government announced plans to collaborate with private organisations in providing employment opportunities for the youth.

It is expected that this will see the growth of workplace learning programmes such as learnerships and internships, to equip youngsters with skills that are needed in the professional environment.

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