Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) leader, Velenkosini Hlabisa has launched the party’s election manifesto in Durban, saying the party offers the greatest hope to South Africans to escape what he says is the ANC’s failure to govern, deliver jobs and provide people with security.

Hlabisa says the IFP is the official opposition in KwaZulu-Natal and has a track record of good governance.

He has outlined the IFP’s ten-point manifesto,  which includes leading with integrity, empowering ordinary people, ensuring food security, partnerships with traditional leaders and making communities safer.

Hlabisa says the IFP can help South Africans escape the nightmare of the ANC’s rule.

“The IFP has been calling for a specialised corruption court to deal with transgressions of the Public Finance Management Act, the Municipal Finance Act. The IFP will lead with integrity to ensure that our councillors understand and abide by the IFP’s principle of servant leadership. We require every candidate of the IFP to sign a contract of good governance.”

IFP leaders in high spirits ahead of local government elections:

IFP Youth Brigade Chairperson Sanele Zondo has called on the African National Congress (ANC) employees who have not been receiving their salaries on time in the past months to reject what he called the slave master.

He says the local government elections day should be a day where young people will lead the revolution.

“November 1 2021 is the South African day of peaceful revolution, this revolution shall be led by the youth. I call upon all youth of South Africa to just stand up and be counted for the sake of prosperity, the youth of South Africa is presented with an opportunity to liberate itself from the chains of the high rate of unemployment from poverty and inequality. I call upon you all the ANC employees to cut ties with the slave master. November 1 is their day of demanding their salaries, November 1 is the day to stand up fight for yourselves, the youth need jobs now.”