IEC Western Cape hosts workshop for organisations ahead of elections

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The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in the Western Cape is set to conduct a workshop aimed at empowering various organisations in the region.

The workshop, to be hosted by IEC Provincial Electoral Officer Michael Hendrickse in Cape Town, will bring together NGOs and religious bodies.

Hendrickse outlined that the workshop will cover several topics, providing participating organisations with knowledge and insights into electoral processes and related issues leading up to the upcoming election on May 29, 2024.

The discussions will encompass the impact of legislative amendments, the inclusion of independents as candidates, the three ballot papers, and the rollout of balloting education, including special votes.

The workshop aims to facilitate awareness and information sharing on these topics among members of the participating organisations.

For the first time in the general elections, voters will be given three ballot papers where they will choose their preferred political party and candidate of choice.

Independent candidates will for the first time contest for a seat in the National Assembly.

Candidates will compete for a spot in the 400-seat National Assembly and be allocated through a proportional system. 200 seats are reserved for the National list, contested only by political parties, and the remaining 200 seats are divided among the nine regions, contested by both independents and parties.

This year’s election coincides with South Africa’s 30 years of democracy.

IEC is satisfied with the outcome of the second voter registration weekend: