Hope for the Future replaces DA as main opposition party in Kai !Garib Municipality

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Newly formed party Hope for the Future has replaced the Democratic Alliance (DA) as the main opposition party in the Kai !Garib Municipality in the Northern Cape.

The party bagged 21.49% of the votes, which gives it four seats in the council.

The party says they are humbled by the support they have received and will push for service delivery in the communities around Kakamas near Upington.

Party founder and leader Trompie Renier says, “We are open to work with any political party in Kai !Garib to rebuild the Kai !Garib municipality and the communities at large. Service delivery must be the key on the agenda, moving forward.”

New parties

New parties have made inroads in some of the 26 councils across the Northern Cape.

Founded in March this year, the Namakwa Civic Movement was the biggest winner out of all the new parties.

The movement gained 8 seats in five councils.

Its leader Gustav Bock, a medical doctor who closed his practice to join politics, says it’s time to change the status quo.

In Kimberley, the Sol Plaatje Service Delivery Forum gained three seats in the council. The party was established last year with the agenda of fighting high electricity tariffs.

Sol Plaatje Service Delivery Forum’s Dennis Pienaar says, “We believe that all their manifestos are a list of promises that is not in line with our deepest aspirations as communities and therefore we believe that we must represent ourselves instead of delegating the responsibility to political parties and that we should represent ourselves because we want service to come faster. We want to stop money from disappearing to corrupt behaviours and that we get control of issues that are most related to us as communities.”

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