President of the United Democratic Movement, Bantu Holomisa, says commissions of inquiry should release regular interim reports in order for the relevant authorities to act on its information.

Holomisa addressed members of the Cape Town Press Club on Tuesday, delivering what he calls an alternative State of the Nation.

Holomisa is one of many influential leaders addressing the press club in February ahead of general elections later in 2019. Holomisa says South Africa is swamped by corruption scandals.

He says finalised reports from commissions of enquiry could take years. Instead, he suggests regular interim reports that can be acted on.

“We also see that the state intelligence and law enforcement agencies have no absolute commitment to hold those alleged of wrongdoing accountable. This is as a result of the ANC’s deployment policies.”

The UDM leader says the current government, led by the ANC, can learn a lot from the apartheid government in terms of growing local economy and protecting its citizens.

“If you were to say to the National Party, they were hard-line socialists, chances are that you would be detained, but if you look at the way they intervened in the economy state, they were intervening in a big way albeit under separate development. Almost everybody was having a meal at the end of the day.”

He says the current government is embroiled in allegations of corruption, looting of state resources and nepotism. He has alleged that the current problems in the Public Investment Corporation (PIC), which manages government employees’ pension funds, are because of governing party looters extending their reach.

“The UDM has promised the nation that it shall not rest until those who have stolen from the pensioners moneys face the rule of law.”

Holomisa is at the centre of exposing alleged irregularities at the PIC. The UDM will launch its official election manifesto in Port Elizabeth on the 16th of February.