Hichilema optimistic BRICS bloc will benefit African continent

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Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema says the BRICS bloc will help African countries address the challenges the continent has been battling with over the past years.

Hichilema was addressing world leaders attending the 15th BRICS Summit aimed at strengthening the trade bloc.

The Summit is taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

Leaders have been discussing the role of Africa in relation to strengthening relations between BRICS and Africa.

The Zambian President reiterated calls by other leaders that new reforms are needed in order to address inequalities of the past.

Hichilema says, “We as Zambia see this as a real opportunity to address challenges we kept on talking about for a long time and on many platforms. We need to reform the global world order in particular to address the inequalities associated with critical ingredients to development such as capital.”

The Zambian leader has urged BRICS leaders to fast-track the advancement of technology in the African continent.

He says without access to technology, countries can’t engage in genuine and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Earlier during a media briefing, BRICS Chairperson President Cyril Ramaphosa said BRICS was committed and supported the digital transformation.

“We support the digital transformation in education and TVET space, as each BRICS country is domestically committed to ensuring education accessibility and equity and promoting the development of quality education. We agree to explore 23 opportunities on BRICS digital education cooperative mechanisms, hold dialogues on digital education policies, share digital educational resources, build smart education systems, and jointly promote the digital transformation of education in BRICS countries,” adds Ramaphosa.

Hichilema also used the opportunity to call for peace in the African continent.

The bloc has also called on leaders to resolve conflicts through dialogue.

“Dialogue among political parties of BRICS countries plays a constructive role in building consensus and enhancing cooperation. We note the successful hosting of BRICS Political Parties Dialogue in July 2023 and welcome other BRICS countries to host similar events in the future,” adds Ramaphosa.

The African continent continues to experience conflicts.

In July, Niger President Mohamed Bazoum was overthrown following a coup by mutinous soldiers.

Meanwhile, in Sudan, more than 1 million people have been forced to flee Sudan to neighbouring states.

According to the United Nations, people inside the country are running out of food and are dying due to a lack of healthcare after months of war.

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