The case of a woman, who staged a naked protest outside the Union Buildings in March this year, has been postponed to 25 September.

The aim is to give Gugu Ncube’s new lawyer time to acquaint himself with the matter after her last lawyer pulled out of the case.

Ncube was arrested for public indecency, a few minutes into her protest.

In her last appearance, the state had added another charge of staging a protest without permission to another charge of public indecency.

Ncube claims that the University of South Africa (Unisa) fired her after laying a complaint against her boss who she has accused of sexual harassment.

Unisa has, however, says Ncube was not its employee.

Ncube was arrested during her naked protest, as she attempted to highlight her plight regarding the sexual harassment incident she allegedly endured from a colleague at Unisa’s Centre for Early Childhood Education.

Ncube claimed that a board member approached her and demanded to have sex with her in order to keep her job. She has accused Unisa employer of failing to investigate a colleague who allegedly harassed her sexually last year.