Government says it aims to eventually vaccinate 250 000 people per day at various sites.

This follows the Department of Health’s launch of the Electronic Vaccination Data System on Friday for people aged over 60.

This means the process of registering people online in order to be scheduled for vaccination is already under way.

Government has called on the private sector to assist in its the rollout of the country’s COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Dr Guni Goolab of the Government Medical Scheme (GEMS) has appealed to employers to avail their places of workplace for use as vaccination sites in order for all people living in the country to be reached.

“We have currently confirmed 1 200 sites across pharmacies and hospitals and GP practices and we are working towards employers and mass vaccination sites. Our current anticipated capacity is 115 000 per day and we are in the process of procuring planned sites which are not yet registered,” says Goolab.

“This will then be scaled up in conjunction with government with phase 2 and ultimately phase 3 reaching a peak of 250 000 vaccination per day at peak from September onwards,” explains Goolab.

In the video below, employers urged to play their part in accelerating COVID-19 vaccine rollout: