Gigaba might be called back to Parliament over naturalisation of Guptas

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Former Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba might be called back before Parliament’s Home Affairs Portfolio Committee pending the outcome of the evidence that Ashu Chawla will give in January next year. This is according to Committee Chairperson Hlomani Chauke.

Chawla, a Gupta ally who is still in India, is expected to appear before the committee to testify in the inquiry into the naturalisation of the Gupta family.

He is alleged to have been an instrumental link between the Home Affairs Department and the Guptas to obtain visas for the family. Chauke says the Gupta naturalisation debacle could lead to Gigaba re-appearing before the committee if Chawla implicates him.

“The issue of the Oppenheimer I think it’s done and it’s closed now. The issue that is still standing is the naturalisation of the Guptas. You would know that we have suspended the inquiry pending the arrival of Mr Chawla who is still in India and I have learnt that he has now made another appeal that he will not be able to come in December as we were preparing to have him in December, we will only have him in January. So on that basis again if there is a need that is going to arise; we may want to invite him again to come and clarity if there is an issue to be clarified.”