Ghali appeals for UN, AU support

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President of the Sahrawi, Brahim Ghali, says he is confident that the newly-elected General Secretary of the United Nation’s (UN), Antonio Guterres, will prioritise the full independence of his country.

Ghali is in South Africa as part of a working visit at the invitation of President Jacob Zuma.

Ghali has appealed to the African Union (AU) not to re-admit Morocco as a member of the AU.

Western Sahara, located in Northern Africa and bordering Morocco and Algeria among other countries, the Sahrawi has rich fishing waters.

It also derives economic benefit from its phosphate reserves and a few other natural resources.

Fresh water is scarce and the country’s agricultural sector is also suffering. There are other challenges facing this country.

Part of Sahrawi is occupied by Morocco. Ghali has appealed to the AU and the UN.

“It is quite unfortunate to see that despite the fact that colonialism should be over, one of the African territories still suffers direct occupation by the Kingdom of Morocco. It is about time that Africa and the AU stand firmly in spout of Sahrawi and the Sahrawi people. The Sahrawian people have been fighting for independence from Morocco for decades,” he says.

One of Sahrawi’s burning independence issues will be on the AU Summit agenda.

It’s expected to take place in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, at the end of January.

– By Sophie Mokoena