Gauteng Finance MEC blames corruption, incompetence for poor governance

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Gauteng Finance MEC Jacob Mamabolo has blamed corruption, incompetence, and poor knowledge of public finance management and corporate governance as hindrances to ethical and good governance.

He was speaking to SABC News ahead of the Gauteng Clean Audit and Ethical Governance Seminar that he is hosting at Ubuntu Kraal in Soweto today.

It is aimed at developing strategies to inculcate a culture of good governance and ensure improved audit outcomes at both provincial and municipal levels in Gauteng.

It comes at a time when some Gauteng municipalities battle to tackle challenges relating to water supply and deteriorating infrastructure that contributes to poor service delivery.

Mamabolo says they want to ensure public money is spent well to avoid fruitless, wasteful and irregular spending.

“We want to promote a culture of accountability. We are seeing in some instances lack of consequence management. We see repeat audit findings, repeat non-compliance, repeat violation of the law happening and the consequence management is not adequately done at different levels.”