The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital at Phoenix north of Durban is being decontaminated after six nurses and four patients tested positive for COVID-19.

Hospital Board member Sham Maharaj says the KwaZulu-Natal Health Department will monitor the facility to ensure adherence to measures to contain the spread.

He says strict protocols will be implemented when admitting new patients.

Maharaj says, “Well number one, everybody is being quarantined and number two, decontamination is happening through-out the hospital. We can’t put people at risk. The issue is that the KwaZulu-Natal Health Department is being called in to make sure we do a follow up so that we don’t have any drama, because right now, if we don’t do that, contamination is going to happen in a big way, so we are taking precautions, but we can’t prevent this kind of thing. Worldwide there is a problem here.”

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