The Manguang Metro in the Free State has initiated a programme to train staff at funeral parlours and mortuaries on how to handle the bodies of coronavirus victims as well as burials and cremations.   

Night vigils are still prohibited.  

In the video below, concerns over burial ceremonies during COVID-19 lockdown: 

Only relatives and people closely affiliated to the deceased are now allowed to travel between provinces, but must obtain a permit to do so. 

Mangaung Metro Spokesperson, Qondile Khedama says bodies of the deceased will not be allowed into the homes of their relatives for a funeral or wake.

“We’ve had to take steps and measures for the handling of the remains of those persons who die of COVID-19. The minister did indicate that we are an epicentre of COVID-19. Environmentalist that we working with regard to the bodies of people affected as biohazard so as a result, we had to make sure that we train funeral parlours where there’s a sign. There’s a programme that we are starting of making sure that the funeral parlours are properly trained, we have to monitor the list of burials that are taking place.”  

In the video below, funerals during COVID-19 under the spotlight: