Four suspected in a series of CIT heists killed in KwaMashu shootout

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Four believed to have been involved in a series of cash-in-transit robberies in eThekwini, were shot and killed during a shootout with police in KwaMashu on Friday morning.

An operation by a multi-disciplinary police team in collaboration with the Hawks, following a series of recent cash-in-transit heists that had rattled the region, led law enforcement to a house situated at the intersection of Queen Nandi Drive and Sikhindi Road in KwaMashu. The location was suspected to be a refuge for the alleged culprits behind these brazen heists.

As police teams approached the residence and announced their presence, the suspects responded by opening fire, escalating the situation into a fierce gun battle. Police returned fire and the exchange of gunfire resulted in the fatal wounding of all four suspects.

Upon securing the scene, authorities discovered a cache of weaponry and materials indicative of a well-organised criminal operation. Police seized four firearms, among them an AK47 assault rifle, an R5 rifle, and two pistols, along with a substantial quantity of ammunition.

In addition to the firearms, a significant amount of explosives was uncovered, various vehicle number plates, some bearing Limpopo province registrations, and signal jammers.

Police say while the four suspects have been killed, the investigation remains ongoing, and law enforcement agencies are actively pursuing leads to apprehend any additional individuals linked to these cash-in-transit heists.