Flight schedules have returned to normal: SAA

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South African Airways (SAA) has announced that its flight schedules have returned to normal following the compliance checks conducted on some of its aircrafts.

This, after flights were grounded due to irregular findings uncovered during a recent audit conducted by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).

Earlier this week, SACAA directed Comair, SAA and Mango, to conduct a verification exercise on their fleet of aircraft to ensure that some of the identified irregularities are not prevalent in the entire fleet.

The impact of the recall led to some flight delays and cancellations. A total of 25 aircrafts in SAA’s fleet were identified to undergo a compliance verification process as required by SACAA.

SAA spokesperson, Tlali Tlali says, “So far, 21 aircrafts have not undergone the compliance verification process resulting in an 84% completion rate of the identified aircraft. The remaining four are now undergoing a scheduled extended maintenance service. Since the return to normal flight schedule, SAA recorded an average on-time performance of 93% for domestic, regional and international flights.”

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