Firefighters deployed to Canada return home safely

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A group of firefighters that was deployed to assist fight fires in Canada last month, has returned home safely. They were the fourth group to be deployed by South Africa to help Canadians quell wildfires since June.

This year Canada had the worst wildfire season in recorded history, with 17 million hectors of land destroyed.

Speaking to the SABC News upon their arrival at the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport near the City of Mbombela, some of the firefighters said they learnt a lot during their deployment.

“The experience I think was very good for us. And again the training that we have obtained from here in South Africa going to Canada has equipping us to be ready for the situations when we got there.”

“The mission was very good and successful. We achieved what we were sent for there. Spirit was very high and moral discipline. We had a very smooth operation.”

Working on Fire Managing Director, Trevor Abrahams says they managed to accomplish their mission without major incidents such as injuries or fatalities