FBI to probe fraud, corruption charges against Mozambique’s former finance minister

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South Africa is expected to hand over the former Mozambican Finance Minister, Manuel Chang, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to face fraud and corruption charges in the United States.

Chang, who has been in an SA jail since December 2018, was in charge of Mozambique’s finances when the country guaranteed over $2 billion in secret borrowing by state owned firms.

It is alleged that the money was used to buy a large tuna factory, among other things, which reportedly never materialised.

Chang has denied any wrongdoing.

Anti-corruption activist from Mozambique, Adriano Nuvunga, weighs in. “We want him to go to the US because it is where we believe justice is going to be served. These crimes destroyed the prosperity of Mozambique, but it was committed using the international financial architecture. Since day one, we believed in SA’s judicial system. We believed that he would be extradited to America. He is our fellow citizen, but we want him to speak the truth so that we can deal with this problem of corruption.”