Humanitarian organisation, Gift of the Givers, says it is awaiting the outcome of a meeting currently under way in Cape Town to resolve the crisis that around 600 foreign nationals are facing. The organisation says it has to make a decision on whether to resume humanitarian aid to the foreign nationals who live in the Central Methodist Church, in the Cape Town CBD.

The discussions are focusing on finding alternative accommodation for the group. They have been living in the church in Greenmarket Square since October last year.

Officials from the City of Cape Town, the Home Affairs Department, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and representatives of the foreign nationals are attending the meeting.

“The South African Human Rights Council will let us know what the way forward is because it leaves us as an organisation in a conundrum in the sense that you cannot feed people in the situation that they are living in, in the Methodist Church because it’s unsanitary, there are viable outbreaks of meningitis, of chickenpox, in Cape Town, so these diseases can very easily spread,” says Gift of the Givers Director of Strategic Planning,  Badr Kazi.

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