Farmers urged to look for alternatives as power tariffs rise

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Non-profit organisation, AGRI Northern Cape, has advised farmers to search for alternative power supply solutions following the National Energy Regulator’s decision to grant Eskom an electricity tariff increase.

On Thursday, the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) approved an 18.65% increase.

AGRI Northern Cape’s Chairperson, Nicol Jansen, says the tariff increase will further cripple the sector.

“This increase granted by NERSA is insane! Eskom efficiency on financial management has been compromised by criminality. Reports on reports are published in the media on corruption, mafia activities and fruitless expenditures. These increases will only finance the criminality if culprits are not brought to justice rapidly.  The agricultural sector of the Northern Cape has to deal with the harsh realities of the free market economy, fighting to survive economically with insufficient electricity supply at an unaffordable cost,” Jansen adds.

Video – Nersa announces decision on Eskom tariff increase: