The Western Cape Human Settlements Department says arrangements have been made for the temporary accommodation of 18 families evicted from a piece of land at the Joe Slovo informal settlement in Langa near Cape Town.

On Wednesday morning, the anti-invasion unit demolished seven wood- and- iron structures to make way for the completion of the pioneering N-2 Gateway Housing Project that began in 2005.

The department’s spokesperson, Ntomboxo Makoba-Somdaka says these people have been refusing to vacate the land they occupied illegally since 2013.

Makoba-Somdaka says they had to apply for an eviction order from the High Court.

“There is not much of a resistance now, this is what we have been preaching to them all these years, people are finally leaving today, we got transport to assist them with all the material and furniture they want to relocate with, if they cant keep the material they need we can keep for them up to a month otherwise all transport is available to relocate every one to Delft.”